Twin Cities Gets Wide Coverage P25 Mixed Mode Repeater

Minneapolis 444.650 Repeater

Who doesn’t love repeater news?! The 444.650+ repeater in downtown Minneapolis received an upgrade this week. Don, N0BVE, and Bill, AE0F, made the trek to the Riverview Tower to install a new Motorola Quantar repeater and 1/2″ feedline.

The 444.650 is a wide coverage repeater that is linked full-time to the N0BVE 145.450 VHF repeater in Minnetonka, MN that expands coverage throughout the greater Twin Cities Metro area. The new Motorola Quantar repeater at Riverview is putting out 80 watts through an 11dB Stationmaster antenna at 270 feet HAAT and is fed with 30 feet of 1/2″ Heliax.

We encourage you to give it a workout and let us know how it’s performing by jumping into the Minnesota Ham Radio Discord server. In our pursuit to make sure you’re always up-to-date, we’ve also updated this on our Twin Cities Metro Repeaters page to reflect these new changes.

444.650 N0BVE Repeater Information

Output: 444.6500
Input: 449.6500
PL Tone: 114.8 Hz
NAC: $293

Repeater is running in mixed mode and can be used with analog or P25 digital.

444.650 Twin Cities Repeater Coverage

Assuming a 50-watt mobile with a 4 dBi omni at 6′ in height.

444.650 Repeater Photos

Motorola quantar on the bench - N0BVW
Motorola Quantar on the bench being prepared for installation.
Back of Motorola Quantar in the Riverview shack.
Back of the Motorola Quantar.
The 11dB Stationmaster at 270 feet HAAT provides excellent coverage across the metro.
Mounting location for the Stationmaster antenna on Riverview.
A closer look at the mount for the antenna.

Special thanks to Don, N0BVE for providing photos for this article.

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