Minnesota Ham Radio 2023: Year In Review

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In 2023, Minnesota Ham Radio has demonstrated notable success as a key resource for amateur radio operators in Minnesota. We grew the amount of unique visitors to the MHR website by over 500% YoY! We continue to work building community among the Minnesota amateur radio community as a trusted guide, providing up-to-date information on local ham radio events, repeaters, nets, licensing, and more. We’re proud to contribute in fostering a vibrant community of ham radio enthusiasts across the North Star State.

We’ve presented at local clubs meetings across the state and helped various ham radio clubs in Minnesota implement successful strategies to engage and grow their membership. Clubs have focused on public exposure, participating in community events, and being welcoming and helpful to newcomers. These approaches have allowed them to attract a broader audience of potential new hams while maintaining the interest of existing members.

We held five fox hunts with ‘Tonka The Fox’ across the Twin Cities metro in 2023 with amateur radio operators participating from across the state. Art, N0EX, took home the top honor with the most finds this year – congratulations, Art! The Minnesota Ham Radio fox hunts will be back in 2024!

Unique Users Visting MHR

Top Pages / Posts in 2023

  1. Minnesota Ham Radio Resources – 4,130 pageviews
  2. Events – 3,865 pageviews
  3. Twin Cities Ham Radio Nets – 3,125 pageviews
  4. Twin Cities Ham Radio Clubs – 2,690 pageviews
  5. Twin Cities Ham Radio Repeaters – 2,402 pageviews
  6. Our Favorite Twin Cities Repeaters – 1,864 pageviews
  7. HF Propagation Map Helps You Visualize HF Propagation – 1,258 pageviews
  8. What You Need To Know About FT8 – 1,246 pageviews
  9. ‘Tonka The 46.46 Fox – 1,115 pageviews
  10. Are There Ham Radio Operators Near Me? – 1,024 pageviews

DISCORD Membership

We started the Minnesota Ham Radio Discord server as a way for amateur radio operators across the state of Minnesota to communicate. This is especially useful for hams in rural areas who may not have a club that is located nearby. We’ve now grown to nearly 250 unique hams across the state pf Minnesota who are members of the MHR Discord. We have vibrant and helpful discussions, photos and advice amongst our members on a regular basis.

We’re also looking to add one or two Discord moderators. Do you like Discord? Want to work on making the Minnesota Ham Radio Discord server even better? Drop us a message and let us know or message an admin on Discord.

Hams In The Park

Minnesota Ham Radio had a consistent presence at Hams In The Park in New Brighton. We’ve designed a webpage do the entire Twin Cities metro can stay in the loop on when and where Hams In The Park is coming up. Check out the Hams In The Park page!

How Can You Get Involved?

Minnesota Ham Radio is merely a vessel for others to distribute information. Have an article you’d like to write and share with hams across the state (and country)? We’re happy to post it for you! Have an event coming up that you want to get the word out about? Contact us — that’s why we exist. We’re here to partner and help give a platform to those with important information for the Minnesota ham radio community.

Happy New Year from the Minnesota Ham Radio admins!

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