MHR In The Park Brings Fun and Education

MHR In The Park Finds Success and Community

In the heart of Fort Snelling State Park nearly 40 ham radio operators gathered for MHR In The Park: Parks On The Air MasterClass on Saturday, March 2nd. This event was both an educational event and a socialization opportunity. The event, designed to bring the ham radio community together in a hands-on outdoor setting, was aimed at both seasoned operators and newcomers interested in the Parks On The Air program, which encourages amateur radio operations in designated parks around the country.

Attendees acknowledged the value of bringing together the amateur radio community in-person for educational events like this. “Local, in-person community is vital to help the hobby stay strong, and to give a chance to inspire newcomers by showing them the amazing equipment we use,” said Brian, KE0RIY. This perspective was echoed by others, who emphasized the value of stepping out of one’s “cave” to engage with the community and share knowledge and experiences.

Sean, WI0O was the instructor for this session and shared how he tackles POTA activations. Sean is one of the most active POTA activators in the state of Minnesota with over 500 activations under his belt. He shared the equipment he uses, how he handles logging and what attendees should know about POTA rules.

Dale, W0DHZ, attended even though he’s an active POTA activator himself. He appreciated the balance between the program and networking opportunities saying, “[It was] great to meet others and connect. Getting to see how others POTA was the best part.”

Providing events like this that are core the mission of Minnesota Ham Radio. Crossing club boundaries and providing educational opportunities to amateur radio operators throughout Minnesota in a non-judgmental way that encourages operators to expand their horizons.

It wasn’t just Minnesota hams at the event. Pete, KR3ESE, attended to meet people in person and learn more about POTA traveling all the way from western Wisconsin. He found the event rewarding, saying, “Nice to meet people and get the information about POTA.” Pete’s experience reflects a common appreciation for the event’s social and educational aspects, particularly the diverse approaches to POTA that were shared. “I appreciated that there are many ways to do POTA “right,'” he added, underscoring the adaptability and creativity inherent in the hobby.

The feedback from attendees shared a common theme: the value of in-person gatherings in strengthening the ham radio community. Events like MHR In The Park not only provide a platform for learning and exchange but also reinforce the communal spirit that makes amateur radio a unique and enduring hobby. And Minnesota Ham Radio looks to forward to hosting more events in the future!

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