Edmund Fitzgerald Special Event Station Ready to Take the Air

W0F Special Event Station

The Stillwater Amateur Radio Association (SARA) is ready to kick off its 18th consecutive annual special event station honoring the sinking of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald — one of the most famous Great Lakes shipwrecks. The Edmund Fitzgerald sank in 30-foot tall waves on November 10, 1975. Its final resting place is 17 miles off Whitefish Point, Michigan.

Members of the Stillwater Amateur Radio Association will activate the Split Rock Lighthouse State Park (ARLHS USA 783, POTA K-2524/K-8095). The “Remembering the Edmund Fitzgerald” special event was started by a radio club in Michigan (Stu Rockafellow A.R.C.) around the year 2000 using the callsigns N8F and K8F for the event.  They operated from the lighthouse at Whitefish Point, MI, and Paradise, MI. W8F will also be on the air for this special event.

“The event has turned into a large and very successful activity for our club and countless others. Each year we have QSOs with hundreds of hams throughout the world,” says Dave, W0OXB, SARA Special Events Coordinator. “It is so popular that we have established a loyal “following” of hams that contact us every year. Large “pile-ups” on our 20m and 40m frequencies are common,” he added.

Operating Dates & Times

  • Friday, 11/4: 2:00 – 4:30 pm Central Time (1900 – 2130 UTC)
  • Saturday, 11/5: 10:00 am – 4:30 pm (1500 – 2130 UTC)
  • Sunday, 11/6: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm (1500 – 2300 UTC)

Operating frequencies

3.860, 7.260, 14.255, 21.360 MHz (Tune +/- 20 kHz if QRM. — SSB is the standard mode)

If propagation is better than in past years, other bands will also be used.

QSL Information

Like in past years, the W0F special event station will only fulfill QSL requests via e-mail.

Requests must be sent to: [email protected] and include standard QSL info:

Callsign, Date, Time (UTC), Band/Frequency, Mode, and Report (RST).

For complete info: Look up WØJH and WØF at QRZ.com.

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