why join a ham radio club?

Joining a ham radio club is a great way to meet and network with fellow ham radio operators. The other members in a club have a wealth of knowledge. They can help you get started in your ham radio journey.

ham radio clubs in southern minnesota

The Rochester Amateur Radio Club is dedicated to advancing the general interest and welfare of amateur radio. They actively promote radio knowledge and scientific experimentation, cooperation and the exchange of information between members and provide public service radio support for community activities in the greater Rochester, MN area.

The Mankato Amateur Radio Club (MARC) strive to build a community with a commonly held interest in amateur radio, by furthering better cooperation among its members, developing individual efficiency, furthering the interest of amateur radio in the general community. They provide testing services, SKYWARN and volunteer radio communications to local events.

The Winona Amateur Radio Club was established to promote the amateur radio service in the community as a source of trained communications volunteers and communications equipment that can be utilized during civil and natural emergencies. They also see ham radio as an educational and service-oriented hobby where operators collaborate to further their communications skills and their knowledge of electronics and the “radio art.” They are active in emergency preparedness activities, SKYWARN, maintaining local repeaters, digital/packet radio and more.

The Owatonna Steele County Amateur Radio club is a ham radio club located in Owatonna, Minnesota. They are active in promoting emergency preparedness in the amateur radio service and are affiliated with the ARRL, ARES and RACES. They also have resources and elmers available to help new hams learn about radio installations, basic electronics theory and more.

The River Bend Wireless and Mechanical Society was founded to advance ham radio and the “maker movement” in the Faribault, MN area.  The founders are all amateur radio operators, but had other interests in building and designing. This unique club combines ham radio and other hobbies like electronics, computers, blacksmithing, welding, woodworking, arts and crafts machining and in general, using their hands and brains. 

Where are ham radio clubs located?

We’re lucky in southern Minnesota to have many amateur radio clubs available across the metro area. Whether you live in Faribault, Rochester, or Red Wing — there are clubs nearby that can help you.



Not finding a local club in your area? Wondering where to turn next for help? Join the Minnesota Ham Radio Discord server. Discord is a messaging platform you can download on your desktop or mobile device and connect with other hams across Minnesota today!