why join a ham radio club?

Joining a ham radio club is a great way to meet and network with fellow ham radio operators. The other members in a club have a wealth of knowledge. They can help you get started in your ham radio journey.

ham radio clubs in northern minnesota

The Northern Lakes Amateur Radio Club is based in Grand Rapids, MN. It was started in the fall of 1974 with just five members. The club has two repeaters in the Grand Rapids area and is active in community service through the SKYWARN program and RACES programs.

The Detroit Lakes Amateur Radio Club (DLARC) is an informal group advancing all aspects of amateur radio to serve the communities located in Becker County. Their goal is to promote and educate the local community about amateur radio. This includes encouraging new potential new operators to engage in amateur radio and help in obtaining licenses, acquiring equipment, installing antennas and setting up fixed and mobile stations.

The Arrowhead Radio Amateurs Club has a very long and rich heritage in the Northeast Minnesota/Northwest Wisconsin area. It was founded and affiliated with the ARRL in 1929. They own and maintain a linked repeater system that covers a large portion of the Arrowhead region and are active in community service, testing sessions and education.

The Vermilion Range Amateur Radio Club is an ARRL-affiliated Amateur Radio Club for Ely, Tower, Babbitt, and surrounding areas. The club coined its name from the Vermilion Range area which contains rich iron ore deposits between Ely and Tower.

The VRARC club consists of members active in RACES, ARES, SKYWARN, APRS, DXing, amateur satellites, digital modes, and many other aspects of ham radio.

The Paul Bunyan Amateur Radio Club (PBARC) is a club comprised of over 60 licensed amateur radio operators who meet monthly to exchange ideas, improve their radio skills, organize activities that are of service to the greater Bedmidji, MN area and to promote the mutual interest of Ham Radio.

Mesabi Wireless Association Minnesota ham radio logo

The Mesabi Wireless Association is a group of amateur radio operators located on the Iron Range of Minnesota dedicated to “promoting radio knowledge, fraternalism, and individual operating efficiency and to so advance the interest of amateur radio in the community.

Where are ham radio clubs located?

We’re lucky in Northern Minnesota to have many amateur radio clubs available. Whether you live in Duluth, Grand Rapids or Bemidji — there are clubs nearby that can help you.



Not finding a local club in your area? Wondering where to turn next for help? Join the Minnesota Ham Radio Discord server. Discord is a messaging platform you can download on your desktop or mobile device and connect with other hams across Minnesota today!