Bayport Repeater Now Linked To Mankato Area Machines

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Bayport Now Linked To Southern Minnesota

Our loyal readers may remember last year when we told you about Tristen, KD9RFH who put a new repeater on the air in Bayport, MN. It’s a wide coverage analog/P25 machine located on the Xcel Energy Allen S. King Power Plant smoke stack at 675′ feet Above Ground Level (AGL). Now the repeater is linked to other mixed mode machines in southern Minnesota!

“I’m most excited about the opportunity to have Bayport linked to other mixed mode repeaters and generate even more activity on the repeater,” says Tristen.

The KD9RFH repeater is a Motorola Quantar running 110w with fantastic coverage across western Wisconsin and the eastern Twin Cities metro providing analog and P25 modes.

KD9RFH Repeater – Bayport, MN

Repeater output: 442.97500
Repeater input: 447.97500
Uplink tone: DCS 612 (uplink and downlink)
NAC: $145

Other Repeaters in the P25/Analog system include:

City: Green Isle, MN
Repeater output: 443.8250
Repeater input: 448.8250
Uplink tone: 141.3 PL (uplink and downlink)
NAC: $293

City: Mankato, MN
Repeater output: 147.3300
Repeater input: 147.9300
Uplink tone: 136.5 PL (uplink and downlink)
NAC: $293

City: Hutchinson, MN (Silver Lake)
Repeater output: 443.4000
Repeater input: 448.4000
Uplink tone: 146.2 PL (uplink and downlink)
NAC: $293

City: Superior, IA
Repeater output: 147.3450
Repeater input: 147.9450
Uplink tone: DCS 271 (uplink and downlink)
NAC: $293

City: Gaylord, MN
Repeater output: 146.8050
Repeater input: 146.2050
Uplink tone: 141.3 PL (uplink and downlink)
NAC: $293

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