Are There Ham Radio Operators Near Me?

Ham Radio License Search

Ham Radio Operators Near You

Ham radio licenses have been growing rapidly. Much of this growth is due to the Federal Communications Commission dropping the code requirement for technician-level licenses. However, the number of hams versus the number of active hams is a different matter. You might be surprised to see how many licensed amateur radio operators are located in your neighborhood.

Thankfully there is an excellent web-based tool to put it in perspective. Here is an amateur radio license mapping tool that will show the registered licenses by callsign, grid square, callsign, or street address.

People get licensed for a variety of reasons and not everyone looks to network with others in the hobby. Ham radio by its nature can be a very self-focused hobby. Not every ham will have a house that looks like a moon base so other hams around us can go unnoticed.

Are you surprised by how many registered amateur radio operators are in your area?

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